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Q. What is a Mixis™ Dolls? 
 Mixis are 12-inch-tall Collectible Play Dolls. The inaugural line includes 4 dolls with plans to add more dolls and accessories to the collection. Each doll exhibits distinct features of two or more racial groups, complete with varying colored eyes, light to dark skin tone and straight, wavy or curly hair.

Quite simply, our dolls look realistic, allowing individuals to identify with and celebrate all parts of their multiracial or multiethnic heritage. 

Mixis First Edition dolls, produced from our first mould, have articulated leg and are slightly slimmer than our Limited Edition collection. Only 1000 of each doll have been produced. 

Mixis Limited Edition collection was produced from our second mould and are articulated at the elbows, knees, shoulders and hips. Only 3000 of each doll have been produced.

Q. Why Multi-racial Doll?
 There is a growing population of multiracial and multiethnic individuals. Mixis fulfills a need for these individuals to identify with their mixed heritage and to open up communication by encouraging discussion. In taking a look at the current doll industry, it was apparent that there was a serious lack of dolls that truly reflects this growing demographic. Children would tell us that they wanted a doll that “looked more like me.”

Q. Why Fashion Dolls?
 Travel is a large component of this concept. Children live out their imagination through their dolls. They also imitate older siblings and grownups. A fashion doll allows them to act out their independent story. Mixis girls travel the world and discover more about their rich, mixed heritage and cultures, while learning new and exciting things about our common, global connection.

Q. What demographic group are your dolls geared for?
. Our target demographic is currently young collectors age 8-12, and collectors of all ages.

Q. What is the suggested retail price of the dolls?
 Limited Edition Collection: $49.99

First Edition: $59.99

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